Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where do the days go?

I'm not sure where today or yesterday went but they were over before I knew it. I guess it's just that time of the year.

I had to share this with you just in case you don't read the comments.

My Scrap-n-Away Poem

With cropper hoppers loaded,
and a full gas tank,
We head out for girls weekend,
with Bonnie to thank!

We know the hot jacuzzi,
will relieve us of our chills,
We crank up the music,
and head for the hills!

The thought of the Cricut machine,
really makes me quiver,
And when it comes to a comfy bedroom,
I know Bonnie will deliver!!

By the time we head home,
our scrapbook pages will be filled.
I can't wait to show my family...
I know they will be thrilled!!

The weekend was FABULOUS!!
Our hostess Bonnie is SO sweet!
I am ready to come back soon.
And dream of a free retreat!!

By Sheila Ghen

Thanks Sheila. Mark and I enjoyed the poem.

Here is a cute Christmas ornament. You can use all that left over Christmas paper you have in your stash. This is a fun and easy Christmas ornament. I don't remember where I learned how to make these. The picture comes form where I learned to make them.

"Paper Ball Ornament"

Here's how you make them:

First you need 20 2" diameter circles. I use my cricut but you could use a paper punch or just cut them out. This can be done in monotone, or use matching paper, you will need a glue stick, beading wire, and some beads.

Second, score or draw a triangle into the back of the circle. It should look something like the second attachment. I do this to all 20.

Third, the first thing to make is the top and bottom of the ornament. Using 5 circles, now folded into triangles, glue five together so they all touch at the top and make a kind of hat. Do this twice.

Fourth, I make the middle by laying out the next 10 and glue the sides to make a straight line. One triangle will be upside down and one right side up. Then, glue it together to make a circle, or tube.

Fifth, glue the top to the top and the bottom to the bottom.

When it is all dry (and you can spray it with glue and sprinkle glitter)
then thread the wire up through the middle. Put a bead on the bottom and make a tight circle and another bead on top. I circled the wire to make a a loop to hang it with.

It's getting late and I have another very busy day tomorrow....Good Night!


Stacy said...

That is so cute! Thanks for the idea!

Salai said...

Enter me again and again and agian . Oh how I hope I win !!!!!

Sue Hamilton said...

Loved the poem Bonnie. I'm still up for a fab free scrap-n-away weekend!