Friday, December 18, 2009


********************MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE***********************

Yes I'm on Santa's bad list for not blogging. I know it's been it a long long time since I've blogged. It's been just a little crazy around here. Ok I know what's new.

Lets start at the beginning. Mark's Dad was in the hospital, then his brother and sister-in-law where here from North Dakota. They stayed with us for two weeks. (Now remember our house is still in the middle of a remodel. 4 people and one bathroom....OH MY Ok it really wasn't that bad LOL!) We always enjoy when we get to visit with David and Lori. It seems like we only get to see them ever 3 or 4 years. Needless to say there where plenty of late nights and lots of catching up.

We had Thanksgiving in the middle somewhere. We spent it at Mark's parent's. Mark's son Kyle and wife Tasha were here also. We were happy to find out we are going to be grand parents again.

Speaking of Grand kids I get to spend Christmas eve and morning with three of my grand kids. I am so excited. I've never been with any of them on Christmas morning. I think I am more excited than they are about Christmas this year. I think my camera will definitely be on over load! LOL

Look at how much our new little grand daughter KALLIE has grown. She is back in Bakersfield now and we will get to see her the day after Christmas. We can hardly wait!!!!

Sunday I am having a cookie baking party at my house so if your in the neighborhood stop by for some cookies and hot caramel apple cider!