Monday, December 8, 2008

Hard at work

As you can tell by my messy scrapbook room I've been busy working. Now it's time to clean up and regroup for the next project.

I still have to put the finishing touches on my gingerbread people. Hopefully I can get them photographed and show them to you tomorrow.

I'm so looking forward to when Mark has my scrapbook room here in Oxnard done. It will make it so much easier to get things done. It's hard to be organized when your not sure what box your stuff is in.

I took time out today to bake my Mom some Macaroon Cookies. These are the easiest cookies you will ever make.

Macaroon Cookies

1 bag of coconut
1 can sweet and condensed milk

Put ingredients in bowl and mix together until the coconut is covered. Placing on cookie sheet covered with one of those silicone baking sheets. Bake at 375 for 15 minutes and Voila.

Here is a picture of our naked Christmas tree. We still have not found our decorations. We know they are in our garage with the rest of our house but it is a matter of getting to them. Poor Mark! There is always something for him to do.

I can't wait for it to have lights and decorations!


Sue Hamilton said...

Hi Bonnie, I wish I could see up close and personal what you've made on that big table!!! It might give me some great ideas.
Hope to win the free weekend!
Happy Day! Sue Hamilton

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful tree i cant wait to see it decorated. and don't worry josh already knows that he can't touch the tree. ttyl jessica

Salai said...

Cookies look great and the scrapbook room looks like you had some fun!!!! I can clearly see that Sue Hamilton is my biggest competion for the free weekend!!! Love ya guys.. Pick Pick Pick ME ME ME!!!!! SARAH