Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hot Chocolate Cones

Where is the time going I still have so many things to get done. I finally finished the album I was making for my Pink Christmas secret sister. Shhhh...she doesn't know it's me yet! I have to have a pair of crocheted beaded earrings done by wednesday YIKES! I haven't even started them yet. How are all of you doing on your homemade gifts this year?

My son Jason delivered our Christmas tree a few days ago and we still haven't had time to get it decorated. That's on my list for today! He picked out a beautiful tree for us and boy does it smell good!!! He showed me that if I popped 3 sap bubbles a day the smell will permeate the whole house. Now if I could just get it to snow in Oxnard!

Here is another cute stocking stuffer I'm making for the grandkids!

Hot Chocolate Cones


Plastic Piping Bags, hot chocolate mix, chocolate chips or peppermint candies crushed, mini marshmallows, chocolate kiss


You need two bags per cone.

1. Add the drinking chocolate to one piping bag -- I put in about 4 table spoons. Tie off the top of the bag with an elastic band (clear ones if you can find them) and snip off the top of the plastic leaving about 7cm plastic above the tie.
2. Insert the drinking chocolate cone into your second plastic piping bag.Hold formally round the top so the chips don't fall down the side.
3. Add in chocolate chips (just as much as you think looks good).
4. Add mini marshmallows on top
5. Add a Chocolate on top of that. You could add a gumdrop, after dinner mint etc etc. My favorite is crushed candy canes or peppermint candies. Then just tie it all of at the top with an elastic band
6.Add ribbon, and tag and a little how to on the bag of the tag (snip of the end of the cone to empty the chocolate into a cup - add chocolate chips, milk and water bla bla bla -- you get the picture)It's so so Easy, Enjoy!


Sue Hamilton said...

These cones look so good. Will you make them the next time I come to scrap-n-away? Sue

Salai said...

Oh I so making these. Very creative Bonnie... Oh yeah Pick Me I wanna come drink Hot Chocolate with you !!!!!!!!