Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Love Sunny CA!!!

Wow what a beautiful day. Today I woke up to a beautiful sunrise and snow capped mountains. It's always exciting when the snow reaches this low and covers the mountain tops here in Ventura County.

I always hope to get these post out in the morning but before I know it the days almost gone. I just put dinner in the oven and had a few minutes to spare before Mark gets home.

I have to admit I am becoming a bead addict. I really need a 12 step program. I am a total craft addict. Do you think it would HELP? I had to go to the bead shop today (didn't you like that I HAD TO) to get a few more beads to finish a couple of necklaces I'm working on. Ok that would have been fine however I started looking around and before I know it it's $100 later. SHHHH don't tell Mark! Of course I bought more than the few beads I needed to finish my projects.

Wait until you see the necklace I'm working on. It's crocheted with beads it's looking really nice so far. Hopefully I will get time to finish it this evening and I'll show it to you tomorrow. I'm really like this crocheting with beads.

I'm hoping to get some crop time in this week. I have a really cute idea for a make-n-take for Valentines Day for those of you coming up before than. I am also going to try and get that cookbook you all have been asking for made. Of course that will take me awhile. I also have a few other exciting things up my sleeve's the New Year so stay tuned.


Sue Hamilton said...

Oh my gosh. Maybe on our next trip to scrap-n-away you could give us a bead class along with everything else!!! Sounds like such fun. We have lots of snow on the mountains that surround us too. It is beautiful but very, very cold!!! Hello to Mark and I'd love to win that weekend!
Sue Hamilton

Salai said...

No, Missy I wanna win !!