Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Scented Pine Cones

How many of you love the smell of Scented Pine cones? I do and every time I go by them I have to stop and buy a bag or two.... the smell gets me every time! Since I now have a yard full of pine cones I decided to do some research and found out how to make them.
Your not going to believe how easy.and cheap they're to make...... the best part is the  scent will last for years. Here's all you need:
Pine cones
Cinnamon Oil ( 20 to 30 drops of essential oils you can use whatever oil is your favorite sent.)

I know not everyone can go out in there yard and find pine cones so if you don't have them in your yard head to the park or anywhere where you know there are pinetrees and pick up some pine cones. You want to find the pine cones that are open and the seeds are gone. I doubt anyone would mind you picking up a few pine cones. I know my husband would love if someone would pick them up out of our yard LOL.

Now you have your pine cones you want to rid them of BUGS and SAP. There are two ways to do this you can either

1. Put them in an  AIR TIGHT BAG for 3 WEEKS and DO NOT OPEN!!!! This will kill all the critters in them. Be sure and let them COOL OFF Now if you like me and don't want to wait you can
2. BAKE THEM: Line an old cookie sheet with foil and bake at 200F for 30 minutes. This will not only kill all the critters it will melt off the sap. You know that sticky smelly stuff that gets all over your hands:)
3. MAKING THEM SMELL: Throw them into a plastic garbage bag and SPRINKLE with 20-30 DROPS of ESSENTIAL OILS. Now is when the PATIENCE  COMES IN put Pine cones in bag and seal the bag with a rubber band and leave it alone for at least Five-Ten DAYS. The longer you let the oils permeate the pine cones, the longer the scent will last. I hope you enjoy!!!!

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