Thursday, February 26, 2009

Time flies!

Wow where did this week go. I have to say the week has flown by without me even knowing. I sat back one day and couldn't believe I didn't get half or even a quarter of the things done I wanted to but I've been non stop all week. I need some time management or more time in a day!!!

I've been to the doctor's office more times than I want to count this week and I have to go back again today. Mark fractured his shoulder and he has an appointment with the orthopedic doc today to see what they are going to do with his shoulder.

You may want to stop reading here because now I am going to rant and rave about our health care system. I TELL YOU IT SUCKS TO PUT IT MILDLY!!!!

Mark went to the emergency room on Monday because I couldn't get him an appointment with our primary doctor for 3 weeks even though I told them we thought he had torn something in his shoulder. They said he'd have to go to the emergency room. He went to the emergency room where he was there for 4 hours and they told him he needed an MRI but they couldn't give him one he needed to go to his primary care physician to get a referal to have an MRI. What a load of crap when a hospital can't give you an MRI because your insurance won't cover it without an OK from your primary doctor. Come on how much pain does a person have to be in before you do something?

So the next day I took the paperwork to the primary doctor and they wouldn't schedule him an appointment for an MRI until he saw the doctor even with the referal from the emergency room. So I made him an appointment for the next day. That's another day he has to wait for some to do something. At least after seeing the primary care doctor he sent him to have an MRI that day. Finally. Then the doctor tells him he will call him if anything shows up on the MRI. OK but when a week from now?

Mark had a chiropractors appointment that afternoon and she called the imaging lab and asked them to fax over the results right then. Thank goodness someone will do something in a timely manner. That's when we found out he had a fractured shoulder. She told him to go to his doctor right then.

So off he goes to the doctors.... when he gets there the doctor is seeing his last patient and refused to see him EVEN With A FRACTURED SHOULDER. OH that doctor is SOOOOO LUCKY I wasn't THERE!!! Wait until I write my letter to the insurance!

REFUSING to see a patient in that shape what happen to the oath he took? What kind of doctor would do something like that? The receptionist told him he would have to go over to the urgent care. Can you believe it??? I can't. We will be changing doctor's after this plus my insurance is going to hear about him. I just have to cool off a bit before writing that letter.

At least the urgent care doctor set him up with an appointment to see the orthopedic doc today. Wish us luck. I can only pray today goes better.


Nancy said...

Oh my GOODNESS~ First, big huge hugs to Mark in his current pain. Second, I totally understand why you are irritated with the doctor. You go get 'em, girl! Please keep us posted on Mark's progress. He will have to slow down at the retreat for a bit, huh?

Bob said...

Oh my gosh Bonnie!! What a terrible week you and
Mark had! And here he was, so busy around the house
and lifting while we were there for the retreat.
Please give him good well wishes!!
And you take care also.

paperjunki said...

Holy crap all that jumping through hoops and for what he still is in pain!!! You need to let Home Depot know their insurance sucks along with the insurance!!! Just think what will happen when we have socialized medicine it will maybe worse. thoughts and prayers with you both!!

gingerwine said...

Oh thats awful!
xxx Hope you are all less stressed now xx

I have posted your swap parcel to you today xx

Love and best wishes Sam xx