Monday, March 16, 2009

Boy what a day!

It started off with me over sleeping which meant I was running late for my doctors worries I'll just speed a little. LOL

I got in my truck and wouldn't start. Da_ _ it. I'm at the retreat so I don't know anyone here so I call Mark. He tells me there is a battery charger that you can plug into the wall and jump your car. :-) Who'd of thought!!!! Oh this is great....Mark is walking me through it when he tells me to release the hood latch. OK if any of you guys are reading this I'm really not dumb. I tell him I can't reach it. That's right I can't reach the hood latch with these short hands of mine. He keeps telling me it's right there under the hood where the butterfly is. OK how dumb does he think I am I can see it, I can almost touch it but I CAN'T REACH IT!!!! I tell him I'll call him back if I can't figure it out. He's not getting that my hand doesn't reach the latch.

I find a paint stirring in the garage so I use that to get the hood open. Pretty smart for a dumb girl. I got the truck jumped however it took awhile for the truck to started.

By this time I'm thinking ok I have an hour to get to my doctors appointment no problem it's only an hour and 15 minute drive. I'll just speed a little LOL I always drive fast but today I'll just have to drive faster...right? Just as I'm heading into Santa Clarita on my down the hill the traffic comes to a halt. NOW WHAT! Is anything going to go my way today? They have the 5 south closed. Can you believe it! Today of all days just when I'm beginning to think I'm going to make it to my appointment

Mark called and I told him I was stuck in traffic he offered to call my doctor to cancel my appointment. I was so bummed. He called me back a few minutes later and said he had changed my appointment to an hour later. YEA!

Now if the freeway just opens in time. I still don't know what happened but they had the 5 south bound closed for almost an hour this morning. It finally opened and I got to my appointment just in time.

The day has finally calmed down for awhile. I'm just waiting for Mark to go to the doctor this afternoon to see if his shoulder is getting better or if he is going to need surgery.

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Klite3 said...

so...what happened with Mark's shoulder?