Thursday, January 29, 2009


Ok ladies how many of us promised ourselves we would get our scrapbook supplies organized this year....I know I did so here is my solution If you want to know more about this wonderful system click on the picture of it to the right and watch the video. You will be amazed at how much it can hold and how compact it is.I know I have to have one of these and I'm sure once you check them out your going to want one too.

I'm letting my family know this is what I want for my birthday next month. I'll be turning YIKES I'm not telling I can't believe I'm that old. How time flies. Someone asked me the other day how old my son was and I said 30....he's not he's 32. My youngest son is now 30. I guess that gives you some idea how old I'm going to be. If you can guess my age and the date of my birthday I will send you a present.
All I can say to you younger ladies out there is enjoy your children and yourself while your young because time has a way of creeping up on us. A lot faster than we ever expected. You really should take time to stop and enjoy all those small moments they are what makes life special. Remember memories fade as you get older so be sure you get them Scraped Away before they are gone forever.

Wait until tomorrow when I show all the goodies I found at the local thrift store today. Oh your going to want some of these!!! I was there much longer than I should have been. I wasn't kidding yesterday when I said I could spend 4 hours in one store and it still wasn't enough time and mind you this is one of the smaller thrift stores in our area.

I had to race to the grocery store and get my shopping done in 15 minutes so I could make it home before my Mom's caregiver had to leave. I barely made it. I got there just as her ride was driving up.


Salai said...

OH Bonnie I guess Febuary 14th and I think you are 29 . Luv Ya

lisa marie said...

take me with you

Salai said...

Just thought I would sign in again since it is a new day and I am trying to get to scrap n away I need all the entrees I can get !! Love Ya bonnie!! SARAH

Salai said...

OK I have to comment again on the same post!!! Everyday we get an entree right? Hope to see you soon SARAH