Saturday, January 31, 2009

A day with the Grandkids

Yesterday I went to Pismo Beach with my youngest Son to see my grandkids we were suppose to be home around 6 but we didn't get back until 10:30. So I was to tired to post.

One of my grandson's is having a birthday on the 18 of Feb. however I'm not going to get to see him for his birthday so I wanted to give him present early. He got a DS for Christmas so he was so excited to get a new cartridge.

My youngest grandson is getting so big.
Look at these curls

Today I've been busy with my 10 year old grandson. His birthday was the end of DEC. and we still hadn't had a chance to go shopping for his present. So today was his day. We started off the day at Starbucks. Grandma needed her Cappuccino and he had to have his strawberries and cream. We then went to the fabric store where grandma took a little longer then she should have. He told the sales lady all about getting sponsored for his skateboard and that I was boring him to death! Then it was off to the skate shop for a new skate board. He was so darn cute. He was telling the guy at the skate shop how he wants to get sponsored. Here is a picture of the skate board he just couldn't live without and Grandma couldn't resit getting him. Especially since he was so good at the fabric store. Even if he I bored him to death!

Here he is doing his tricks.


paperjunki said...

Wow thats Kool

Salai said...

Oh your grand-boys are super cute.. Love the curls and the tricks. SARAH