Thursday, February 17, 2011

35 degrees out

It's 35 degrees out and I have to go shopping. This Sunny Southern California girl isn't looking forward to leaving this nice warm house to a cold car. We have a 4 day retreat this weekend so I have to go get groceries or I wouldn't be leaving LOL

The group that is coming this weekend wanted snow......well we are suppose to be getting up to 8" of snow this weekend. That should make them happy.....not me I'm ready for summer or at least spring.

Don't forget to order your pictures from Snapfish. $5 for a 100 pictures and that includes shipping. I ordered mine last night. I can't wait to get them and have time to scrap them. I ordered pictures of my 3 year old grandson's first time in the snow. The kids where having so much fun sledding and making snow angels.

I need to go to town (grocery shopping is now an all day trip now) so I best get going. Have a great day!


elf said...

Zippy skipppy for the snow. See you tomorrow. Can't wait to scrap with great friends and eat your wonderful food.

Anonymous said...

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