Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cricut Imagine

How many of you watched the launch of the Cricut Imagine last night on HSN? I have to say I was one of those people. I couldn't help myself ;-) I was glued to the TV for hours!

I picked up the phone several times to order it then stopped myself. There is a part of me that wants it and a part of me that keeps saying wait. I'm very picky when it comes to printed material so I decided I needed to wait until I could actually see it in person. I need to check out the quality of the printed material. I will say however it looked great on TV.

I couldn't believe what all it can do....not to mention you can still use your old cartridges. I was really impressed by this new machine. If the quality of the printing is what they say and it is a cheep to print as what they were advertising I know what Santa will be bringing me for Christmas if I can wait that long LOL!

I just don't know where they are getting 12x12 paper for a nickel a piece....even if it is only white. I want in on that deal!

Let me know....did you order one. If so can I come play ;-)

It's been crazy busy around here this week and I leave for the retreat tomorrow. We have a 4 day weekend. It should be a lot of fun. Hope you have a fantastic week.

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