Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Sorry for the lack of blogging. My computer has been acting's going back to the shop again today. It's amazing how lost I am without it.

Here is another idea I can't wait to try with my grandsons.

What kid wouldn't love to eat these?

To make this wide eyed, forked tongue monster:

Cut some cheese into eyebrows and skewer. Cut a marshmallow almost completely in half and bend back. Smear peanut butter into the crease and wrap around the skewer. Stick choc chips into the marshmallow for the eyes. A cherry tomato on the skewer makes the cute nose. Use apple slices and cut teeth into the peel for the mouth. Skewer one apple slice. Cut some cheese into the shape of a forked tongue and skewer. Skewer the next apple slice and then stick into a half of an apple to make it stand up.

Cut a raisin in half and stick the halves into a reg marshmallow. Skewer the marshmallow. Use two apple slices with peanut butter and choc chips on them for the mouth. Skewer both of the apples. {I have a mini marshmallow in between the apple slices to make it look like he was chewing on an eyeball. Didn’t really work, but it’s shown in the pic.} I used 3 mini marshmallows on the bottom of the skewer so the apple slices wouldn’t fall off. They were heavy due to the choc chips. After you have everything skewered, cut a grape almost completely in half for the eyes. Fold them back and smear peanut butter into the crease and wrap it around the skewer for the eyes. Stick the skewer into half of an apple to make it stand up.

Stuff a raisin into a regular marshmallow and then stick a skewer through it for the eye. Cut triangles into slices of apple for the mouth. The tongue is a slice of grape. Skewer one slice of apple next, then the grape, and lastly the other slice of apple. Stick the skewer into half of an apple to make it stand up.

I found these adorable little monsters on littlenummies blog. She has some cute food ideas for kids.

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Sue said...

Adorable ideas Bonnie. Makes me sad that no one will venture up our driveway to trick or treat!