Wednesday, April 29, 2009


How would you like to win a 3 DAY WEEKEND TO SCRAP-N-AWAY?

Here is all you have to do.

1. Leave a comment and receive 1 entry (1 per day).

1. If you've been to our retreat you recieve 1 entry if you leave me a comment about something you liked or disliked about our retreat.

2. Tell a friend about our GIVEAWAY and receive 2 entries per friend that leaves us a comment with your name.

3. Become one of our followers and get an additional 3 entries

4. Post a link about our giveaway on your blog, face book, twitter (e-mail me and let me know) you will get 10 entries for each one.

Good Luck to all. This GIVEAWAY is open to anyone over 18. The drawing will be held on May 1st. We are looking forward to hearing form you. Have a great day.

Click on "Comments" and it will take you to a box where you can leave a comment. If you do not have a blogger account, you may leave a comment using "Anonymous", but make sure to leave your first and last name and then click "Publish Your Comment".


Connie said...

HI Bonnie!
Boy I sure could use a weekend getaway right now!

What I love about Scrap N Away is the amazing Hospitality. Bonnie treats everyone like family and really makes you feel at home. She takes great care of our every need.

Oh and the massages are to die for! LOL!

Suzan Schwartz said...

Hoping for last day luck!!!!

LauraVR said...

I loved having the ability to stay that one extra day (Thursday), it seemed to make all the difference in what I way able to get done. In the past I have been on many 3 day adventures, but this extra time gave me plenty of time to rest, get organized and scrap! Of course, the massage just made the weekend magical!
This is now my most FAVORITE place to scrap for the weekend, (and I've been tot hem all!)
Thanks Bonnie!

LauraVR said...

Connie! and friends:
See my new blog!

Much more to come! Sign up to follow! I plan to put new and unusual techniques to try on your pages. Add an "art" to some of your pages that no one else does.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie and Mark.

As I pulled up to the house I thought, "I'm never going to be able to park here without falling off the mountain." Thanks to Mark for the superb valet service. :>) It was a great beginning to a wonderful weekend of hospitality and COMFORT food (the nut brittle was WAY up there on the list!). Oh yeah, it was nice to get to scrap too...
Marcia Yoshida

Anonymous said...

Bonnie's Scrap N Away is a wonderful getaway! Not only is the food fabulous but the area is great to take a walk around. Plenty of time to scrap and great to go with good friends. A+ trip!!!- Sandy Bassett

Anonymous said...

Oh Bonnie, I love your website and your blog! I would love to get away and experience the amazing time that I have heard about from friends and read about from others on your blogs!
Maybe one day....until then, I'll just keep dreaming!
Sonya Adams
Bakersfield, CA.

Sue Hamilton said...

Hi Bonnie,
We've been with Nancy and family for four days. What fun!!! The twins are adorable and exhausting all at the same time.
Can't wait to see you in a few weeks. I hope my little bunny will be running in the same little area.
Can't wait to taste the fabulous food and sleep in the wonderful quiet!

Klite3 said...

Hi Bonnie-
Connie and I could BOTH use a get away!

There is tons to love about Scrap N Away. The location is beautiful no matter the time of year, the hospitality is awesome. Bonnie and Mark DO make you feel like family. Where else could you scrap, leave your mess, eat, sleep, NO chores, NO kids, free massage chair, free paraffin wax, Mark unloads your car for you, they cook all your meals.....oh I am getting sad I can't go this weekend!

And don't forget the massages you can add to your weekend-to die other way to say it.

Did I mention the scrapping? ;-)

Orth Construction and Design, Inc. said...

I need another retreat straight away, U guys are the BEST!!!


Barbara from Bishop...

Anonymous said...

What isn't there to love about Scrap N Away,but to name a few, the roomy scrap space with the great lighting. Then there's the shop-closet with just enough to check out. The food is not only yummy but the presentation is enticing. Bonnie and Mark are wonderful and make you feel right at home. I'll be back! Merlene Travis-Maggini

Anonymous said...

I loved my weekend at Scrap-n-away. I expecially liked all the tools that were available for us to us. Bonnie really has the more tools than I have seen available at other scrapping getaways!!
Bonnie Rubin

De'Anna A said...

Bonnie & Mark,
Ya'll are amazing. Thanks for all that you do. I would love a weekend away from it all. And a massage. And a hot tub. And scrappin' with such wonderful people who share my obsess.. er, I mean hobby. ;)

alismyhart said...


I added you to my google reader "must read" blogs. You right up there on the list with Ali E, Tim Holtz, Kay McNeill then you. YOU MADE MY TOP 5.

That's because you're special.

Heather Sanchez said...

A weekend getaway sounds like lots of fun. I really need to finish my childhood album for my mom. Imagine how many pages i could complete.

Ms. Jackson said...

I'm forward to the opportunity of get up there one of these weekend. My mom and I must go up to Snap n Away at least one or twice a year. It's the best way to get pages done and relax.
Bonnie, the font color is my favorite color so I don't really want you to change it. But, it's very hard to read. *shrug*
Have a super great weekend and I'll see ya soon.

Breena Maggio said...

I am so bummed I can't come with my friends in June (and I still think they suck for going without me!) so I wanna win a free weekend!!!

My favorite thing about going to Bonnie's is that all I have to do is crop and wait for "Dinner's Ready now" :-)

Sheila Ghen said...

OH, I NEED some of Bonnie & Mark's pampering!
I pray that I win a weekend!
Take care Bonnie!

Lydia Galbraith-Albutt said... hard to pick just ONE thing that I like about Scrap N it the food? The beautiful, natural setting? The spacious, well-lit craft room? The comfortable rooms? The gracious hosts? The fun make-n-takes? I think another visit would help me to make up my mind!!!