Monday, November 29, 2010


We finally got all if we just get unpacked. I don't have to many boxes to unpack but finding somewhere to put this stuff is another question. We really didn't need to bring anything to this house, but you know I couldn't get rid of my crafting supplies. I do think I am going to have to get rid of some of it though or maybe I just need to have fewer hobbies LOL! Moving is definitely no fun in my book.

Look who woke me this AM

Do you see him in the top of the tree? This city girl now country girl woke up to a woodpecker pecking on her house. I couldn't figure out who was knocking on my bedroom door until I opened the door and saw the woodpecker fly off. What a relief I surely didn't want someone to see me with my PJ's on and my hair uncombed. LOL I don't think I like being woke up at the break of dawn thinking someone is at my bedroom door only to findout it was a bird. Of course he flew away when I opened the door he probably went to take a nap ;-) Anyone know how to get rid of this little pesky bird without hurting him? I definitely don't want him waking me every morning or pecking at my house.

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